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JLMLLM Consulting

Experience is what JLMLLM Consulting provides to its customers and now Wind Tunnel Services with our relocated facility in Bryan Texas.

Mr. Jorge Martinez (President, JLMLLM Consulting, LLC) has 26 years of low speed wind tunnel experience.  Experience gained by working through the ranks at a low speed wind tunnel facility and spending 13 years as the facility Director.

Project management, planning, facility selection, model design/fabrication, test execution and data presentation is what JLMLLM Consulting can provide or support your company with.

Wind Tunnel services with our JLMLLM Low Speed Wind Tunnel.  See our Wind Tunnel Page for details.


Experience is a key element of all testing, but when testing is only required once every 1 to 4 years, companies can not afford or able to maintain the experience required in house.

JLMLLM Consulting vision is to supplying the best information possible for a project through experienced test management and planning.

Project Management

  • Project Planning
  • Facility Selection
  • Model Design and Fabrication
  • Test Execution
  • Data Presentation

Jorge Martinez.

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